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Posts tagged ‘upgrades’

What to do about Windows 8

December 4th, 2012


Windows 8 has been out for a little while now, and I’ve already done some repair work on Windows 8 PCs and laptops! It’s also cheap (less than £45 on Amazon), and promises the latest in Windows technology (whatever that is). But is it something you should put on your Christmas list?

I’m not going to be reviewing Windows 8 in detail here. There’s plenty of others doing that now. What I want to do is give you an overview of what it means to upgrade from earlier Windows versions, so you can decide whether to do it now, later, or skip this one altogether. Because, be honest, in this world there’s no getting away from Microsoft’s juggernaut in one form or another. Read more

The wonder of Solid State Disks

October 10th, 2012


I’ve just upgraded my Windows 7 desktop computer with a Solid State Drive, or SSD. These hard drives are the equivalent of the storage that your computer already has, but they have no moving parts. This brings many advantages, one of which is the blistering speed upgrade I’m experiencing.
Read more