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Posts tagged ‘Internet’

Firefox: why it’s my web browser of choice

January 19th, 2016


I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox since version 0.9 way back in the prehistoric era of 2004. Back then Internet Explorer 5 was by far the dominant web browser, and I admit I was just keen to buck the trend. But it quickly became clear that supporting alternative browsers was (and is) healthy for the growing Web. It’s still my opinion that the Web would not be the thing it is today if not for Firefox and the developments and standards it allowed.

I’ve dabbled with the Google Chrome, and as a web developer I need to keep copies of other web browsers around. But why have I come back to Firefox again and again, and why do I stay? Read more

Web browsers vs search engines vs your home page

November 24th, 2015


Does it really matter if you don’t know the difference between the Google search engine, the Google home page and the ‘Google web browser’? No, not most of the time.

But I’ve had customers in situations where a knowledge of these differences would have prevented problems occurring, or at least stopped them early in their tracks.

I’m not surprised about the confusion, especially now that companies like Google make one of everything! With that in mind, here’s a quick run-down of what the main phrases mean, and what you can do to spot problems early on. Read more

Know Your Screen: Web Browser

November 1st, 2013


The Web Browser is one of the – if not the – most-used tools on a modern computer. But I’m finding, when dealing with many customers, that it’s also the most misunderstood. So here’s a guide to understanding exactly what your browser is, and what it does. It’ll help you stay safe, make fixing problems so much easier, and perhaps even make your computing life that little more fun… 😉 Read more