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Posts tagged ‘hard drive’

Make the most of your photos

May 10th, 2013


There are three problems with the way people treat their digital photos:

  1. They take too many
  2. They don’t back them up
  3. They never look at them

Each thing on this list is a shame, and yet all together it makes you wonder why people bother taking photos in the first place! With the rise of digital technology – cameras as well as laptops and tablets – it’s too easy to amass a huge number of photos, and even easier to lose them all. If you’ve taken time out of your day by the seaside to peer through a lens (or stare up at a tiny screen) then do yourself a favour and make that moment worthwhile! Read more

Hard Drive Defragmentation

April 17th, 2012


When you first install Windows, all the files are written in a sequence, together on the hard drive. When you add more files – documents, music, photos – this process continues. But when you delete files, gaps are left in this neat sequence, which Windows fills whenever it can, to write a new file which will fit. Sometimes it has to split files into pieces to fill these small gaps, and over time this means that newer files are scattered across the drive, meaning more work to load large programs or a whole photo album.

This process is called fragmentation, and causes PCs to slow down, makes it harder to save lost data, and can shorten the life of components.

What you need is something to defragment, or ‘defrag’ your hard drives to keep them in peak condition. Read more