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Computer repair – what’s it all about?

February 2nd, 2012


Computer repair

Hi, my name’s Martin, and computer repair is my passion.

That seems like a perfectly serviceable introduction to me, doesn’t it? I’m here to introduce the blog too.

The Ship Shape Computers blog has been set up to help you fix the computer problems that dog the PC owner every day. I’m also here to offer advice on those technical issues that you don’t – shouldn’t – need to know about, except once in a blue moon to keep your laptop or desktop in perfect working order.

The most common computer problems

  • Frequently crashing computers;
  • Virus infections;
  • Slow-running computers;
  • Spyware infections;
  • Hardware failure;
  • Data recovery.

But the best thing would be to prevent these types of situation in the first place, right? So that’s why this blog will help you stop problems before they happen. The easy-to-read guides will make computing fun again, and give you peace of mind that your machine is running to the best of its ability. These are some of the things you should do with your computer, but you may not know how to.

The most helpful computer repair solutions

  • Keep it free of junk files;
  • Install and maintain security software;
  • Keep the hard disk defragmented;
  • Back up your data to secure it against loss.
  • Find your way around a new computer or laptop, whether that’s finding the right software, exploring the World Wide Web for the first time, or just exploring what came in the box itself;
  • Upgrade a component to something bigger, stronger, or faster!

As well as all this, you can get in touch via Twitter. I tweet as @Ship_Shaped, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Until then, keep an eye on this computer repair blog – I’ll be sharing useful hints and tips on making your PC run smoothly, as well as passing on important news about the world of personal computers, to keep you ahead of the game!

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